Aroj Ali Matubbar

Rationalist, Self-taught philosopher, Apostate, & Writer
  • Born: 17 December, 1900
  • Death: 15 March, 1985
  • Age: 85 Aged
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Genres: Rachanabali, Essay

About this author

Aroj Ali Matubbar (1900-1985) was a Bangladeshi philosopher, rationalist, and writer who challenged traditional Islamic and Hindu beliefs through his writings. He was born in a rural village in Bangladesh and received little formal education. However, he developed an interest in science and philosophy, and began to question the religious teachings that were prevalent in his community.

Aroj Ali Matubbar is best known for his books, which include “Satyer Sandhane,” “Dhormer Pore Dhormo,” and “Onuman.” In his writings, he critiqued the dogmatic beliefs and practices of organized religion and argued for a more rational and scientific approach to understanding the world. He also advocated for the rights of marginalized communities, including women and low-caste Hindus, and challenged the patriarchal and oppressive social norms of his time.

Aroj Ali Matubbar’s ideas were controversial in Bangladesh and he faced criticism and opposition from religious leaders and conservative elements of society. However, his writings inspired a generation of thinkers and rationalists in Bangladesh and beyond, and he is remembered as a champion of free thought and rational inquiry.








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