Darwinbad Bissho Manobotar Obhishap by Harun Yahya

Darwinbad Bissho Manobotar Obhishap by Harun Yahya

Darwinbad Bissho Manobotar Obhishap is an Islamic book written by Harun Yahya. We have recently passed the war and the conflicting twenties that have given the world humanity the suffering, the massacre, the poverty, and the endless destruction. Millions of people have killed and reckless killings. The ignorant man was hungry and fell to the ground. This book wrote about these problems, and all of the issues have solved in this beautiful book.

Book Details:

  • Book Name: Darwinbad Bissho Manobotar Obhishap
  • Author: Harun Yahya
  • Translator: A N M A Momin
  • Total pages: 88
  • Category: Islamic Books
  • PDF Size: 01 Mb

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