Onish by Humayun Ahmed

Onish by Humayun Ahmed

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Most interesting book from Misir Ali series is Onish. Read or download Bangla book Onish by Humayun Ahmed. PDF file ebook Download from BDeBooks.com or read Book online. Download Onish pdf book for free.

Onish Book Detail

  • Name of the book        :  Onish
  • Name of the writer      :  Humayun Ahmed
  • Category of the book   :  Novels , Misir Ali
  • Publisher of the book  :  Anupam Prokashoni
  • Date of first publish     :  May 1992
  • Book Language             :  Bengali
  • Total Page of  book      :  60 Pages
  • Book Collected by        :  BDeBooks Team

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Onish Book  Review

The book Anish was 18th book of Misir Ali series.He wrote it in a hurry but it was good. Humayun Ahmed is a famous Bangladeshi writer who was born 13 November 1948. He was also a dramatist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. His first novel was Nondito Noroke (In Blissful Hell).  The second book with short stories of Mishir Ali case, these being unsolved ones. Seemed to me that he wrote Anish in a hurry. He also the creator of Himu and Shuvro character. Those characters are also famous. His brother Mohammad Jafor Iqbal is also a Famous writer. Humayun Ahmed also writes Science Fiction.

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