Rasha By Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Rasha By Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

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Rasha By Muhammed Zafar Iqbal is another popular teenage novel. Rasha was published in February 2010. Rahsa is a teenage girl and she is the main character in this book. She had parents. But at presents, her father goes to Canada and his mother stays in Australia. She with her grandmother in the village. She grew up in town. But now she lives in the village. She loves this village very much. The story is kind of different yet draws inspiration from the author’s previous works also. I liked how the author portrayed the transformation of Rasha from a city-dwelling timid girl to a confident village girl. She leads a revolution and changes the lives of the village people. At first, her family problems were a big part of the story, but gradually it becomes a minor point.

Even though her family is broken and she is betrayed by both her parents, she finds solace in the company of her supposedly crazy Grandmother. The education system and its faults, the abusive teachers – all of these came into focus. The freedom fight of Bangladesh was again a driving plot in this novel. Still, it felt weak compared to the author’s previous works. I guess he was trying something different with a village setting – and he was almost successful with it too. I guess I have grown out of the age group Zafar sir writes. I am guessing most of the story was based on the letters/emails he receives from teenagers all over the country sharing their experience. Just thinking about it makes the story all the more real. Rasha is one of my favorite children’s read of Zafar Iqbal.

It centers on a girl with a broken family. Building up her life when her mum leaves her at her granny’s place (village). And the story continues on with her facing several obstacles and how she overcomes those. The overcoming of those obstacles though seemed exaggerated to some point but I am sure the writer put some thoughts on those stories to build up a child character as a bold and strong person who can stand against the wrong and injustice that are faced in regular life. I read this book more than fifty times. I like this book, seriously love this book. Author Iqbal sir finished this book in a great way.

Rasha’s struggles fears attracted me to such extent maybe because I had to go through a few similar situations. No matter what, I know it’s hard, I felt those pains to quite an extent; to leave without parents. It’s hard to accept our situation when our family breaks apart but still, we gotta keep on our hopes. Hopes might hurt a lot, tear us to pieces but it helps us to keep moving.




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