Tui Nishiddha Tui Kotha Koisna Taslima Nasrin

Tui Nishiddha Tui Kotha Koisna Taslima Nasrin

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Pdf Bangla Book Tui Nishiddha Tui Kotha Koisna Taslima Nasrin. Download or read Bengali pdf books online. Tui Nishiddha Tui Kotha Koisna is an autobiography book by Taslima Nasrin. BDeBooks made a pdf format copy of the book. So you can download this book as the pdf file and also you can read this book online anytime, anywhere.

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Tui Nishiddha Tui Kotha Koisna by Taslima Nasrin is another autobiography. She is a famous Bangladeshi author. Taslima Nasreen is also a feminist and anti-traditional writer in Bangladesh. She was born in Bangladesh in Mymensingh district. Her father was a doctor, and she is also the doctor. He works a few days to family planning. She left Bangladesh in 1994. She can’t come back to Bangladesh. Taslima Nasreen has been living in exile since 1994. She gained global attention by the beginning of the 1990s owing to her essays and novels. Taslima Nasreen was living in Europe and the USA for more than a decade. After living in Europe and the USA, Taslima moved to India in 2005. She has also got citizenship of Sweden.




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