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Tuntuni O Chotacchu by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is a very popular teenage book. Tuntuni O Chotacchu was published in February 2014 by Parl Publication. Tuntuni O Chotacchu is a series book. These series have total of three books. Every book is very popular. I love this series. I bought all the mags until I could read the whole story. The writing is great, character-development is fab and the plots I would say are a 2.5/5 but it’s still something I want to read again. I haven’t read the hardcover ‘original’ book yet, just however much if the story I could get my hands on from the magazine that just continued from where the previous story left off of.

But I know I will love that too. So I just only reviewed for the Tuntuni O Chotacchu series-bits from the mag so….yeah, I am so unreal. The concept isn’t new, but the execution of the story and plot is excellent. It’s just a collection of stories involving the same central characters and some side characters as well. I would say the side characters steal the show from the main characters. The character “Chotacchu” is so weak yet the story survives due to the amazing “Tuntuni”. I really liked how various contemporary problems were addressed in the stories very indirectly. To read this book please download now Tuntuni O Chotacchu full Pdf book. Thanks for reading Tuntuni O Chotacchu book review. Stay with us for the new book and any Update.

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