Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles By Ahmed Deedat

Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles By Ahmed Deedat

Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles is an Islamic book written by Ahmed Deedat. He is a South African writer and theologian and a native Indian speaker and Turkic. He was known as one of the best Muslim missionaries. He has held many inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians and lectured most of the video on Islam, Christianity, and the Bible. He is the founder of IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organization, and has authored books on Islam and Christianity that are widely distributed throughout the organization.

Book Details:

  • Book Name: Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles
  • Author: Ahmed Deedat
  • Published: 2015
  • Total pages: 74
  • Category: Islamic Books
  • Language: English
  • PDF Size: 0.87 Mb

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