Ebong Himu by Humayun Ahmed

Ebong Himu by Humayun Ahmed

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Ebong Himu by Humayun Ahmed is the fifth book of Himu series. Maybe you will not be going to love this book, but you still have to read the book because you love Himu. About twenty-three years ago, in 1995, Somoy Prokashon published this Bengali novel book.

Ebong Himu Book Detail

  • Name of the book: Ebong Himu
  • Name of the writer: Humayun Ahmed
  • Category of the book: Novel
  • Book series: Himu
  • Publisher: Somoy Prokashon
  • First Published: February 1995
  • Total Pages: 80 pages
  • Book size: 14 MB.

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Ebong Himu Book  Review

Himu has searched for a few days like cow searching. No, it is not for searching for any cow. The focal point of the problem is Badal. Don’t know how sitting in barbed. Eating is closed for a few days. Even unable to gulp. Many doctors have checked but could not do anything. But Badal believes that none but Himu can do this work. That’s why Himu has been searched like a cow searching.

One night he appears in the house of aunt Majeda being stimulated the appetite. That night at the time of eating, the spine of Badal’s throat descends. Himu becomes favorite to his uncle and aunt. Everyone thinks that Himu has dropped the backbone of the gulf from Badal’s throat by his spiritual power. But Era doesn’t believe in HImu.

Era! is Basal’s cousin. Her exam is knocking at the door, so she is to stay here mainly for study. Era never accepts Himu normally. It seems to her that such pretending is to cheat person. After descending spine from Badal’s throat, Himu and Era run across. Badal ’s monkhood was a way of run across only.

Ebong Himu is one of my favorite book from Himu series, and I love this book. I read this book more than once. I still read this book in my free time. Especially the ends conversation between Era and Himu thrills me much. And the character Rupa is like herself in every story likable but for avoiding her.

I felt quite disappointed reading this one after Parapar, which was far better than this one. But Ebong Himu by Humayun Ahmed is not that bad. I loved this one too. You must read the book after finishing Parapar so that you could know the difference between the two books. Happy reading, thank you.

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