PDF Bangla book Shabash Professor Shonku by Satyajit Ray. Free download or read Shabash Professor Shonku PDF Bangla book. Satyajit Ray is very popular among book lover of Bangladesh. Shabash Professor Shonku is a good rating book of Satyajit Ray. In 1974 this books was first published by Ananda Publishers. After 1974 Shabash Professor Shonku book published many times. Thanks to Ananda Publishers for publishing first time. This eBook contains 101 pages, and PDF size is 05 Mb.

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Shabash Professor Shonku (All-Story)

  • Ashcharya Pranee (Sandesh, Autumn 1971),
  • Swapnadweep (Sandesh, May and June 1971),
  • Moru Rahasya (Sandesh, May and June 1972),
  • Corvus (Anandamela, Autumn 1972),
  • Dr. Sering er Smaramsakti (Anandamela, Autumn 1974)

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About Professor Shanko

Trilokeshwar Shonku is the real name of Professor Shonku. Beautiful place Giridih where he lives. He has and a cat named Newton and a male-servant named Prohlada. Professor Shonku was introduced by Ray’s story “The Astronaut’s Diary.” Professor Shonku’s father name was Tripureshwar, and he was a physician. Professor Shonku was born on 16 June. Tilu is the nickname of Professor Shonku. He was a student of the University of Calcutta. He passed the matriculation examination at the age of 12. He also received his BSc degree with honors in two subjects, Physics, and Chemistry at the age of 16. Bomjatri is the first story of Professor Shonku series published in 1961.

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