Ancient Egypt

Step back in time to Ancient Egypt with this thrilling book series. Experience the wonders of the Nile, explore the mysteries of the pyramids, and discover the secrets of the pharaohs. This series includes classics like “The Egyptian Book of the Dead,” “The Book of the Pharaohs,” and “The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt,” all are translated into Bengali language for your convenience. Whether you’re a history buff, an Egyptology enthusiast, or just looking for a thrilling read, our series is sure to captivate and educate. Download the Bengali-translated version of Ancient Egypt and discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt for yourself!

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Eagle In The Sky by wilbur smith
Eagle In The SkyBy Wilbur smith
Desert God by wilbur smith
Desert GodBy Wilbur smith
The Quest
The QuestBy Wilbur smith
The Seventh Scroll
The Seventh ScrollBy Wilbur smith
Warlock – Translated by Shahjahan ManikBy Wilbur smith
PharaohBy Wilbur smith
River God
River GodBy Wilbur smith